Peace Pie was founded on the idea that good food should be simple, accessible, and made with passion. We care about our community and strive to provide Spokane with a product that we stand behind. In addition to our focus on quality ingredients, our location and the fellow businesses in the Saranac Commons host a warm and inviting atmosphere for the whole family. We invite everyone to come down to experience for yourself how our take on a classic slice of pizza will make your night.

Isaac Houger Peace Pie Pizzeria Chef Owner Saranac Commons



Isaac Houger’s passion for cooking started at a very young age, growing up on a small wheat and cattle farm. Isaac’s mother was a big inspiration in his evolution as a cook. The two spent many hours together in the kitchen experimenting with flavors and ingredients to create a multitude of their own recipes that Isaac still uses to this day. The experiences and knowledge gained from their time together led to Spokane’s food scene, where he would learn and share ideas from and with many local chefs and cooks.

Isaac’s inspiration for opening a pizzeria came about during a high school trip to New York City. The simplicity and fast-paced world of pizza he observed during that trip sparked the idea for his latest venture: Providing the Inland Northwest with a delicious, New York inspired pizza. He’s finally achieved his dream, years later, teaming up with Black Label Brewing Company to open his first business… Peace Pie Pizzeria! Peace Pie strives to provide Spokane with a new approach to the tradition… “Classics made with quality”


We proudly source high quality ingredients to provide spokane with a top quality product. Owner and head chef Isaac Houger and the Peace Pie team spent over 3 months developing and testing recipes inspired by New York-style pies. From the blend of flour used in our dough to the San Marzano tomatoes we import from Italy, every step of the Peace Pie process has purpose, tested to make a complete product we stand behind.